Egg white cupcakes

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. For me, having a solid, clean breakfast really sets the tone for how the rest of my day will turn out, food wise. These egg white cupcakes are great because I can make them during meal-prep on Sunday evenings and have them ready to grab and take to the office with me throughout week. They are super simple to make and tasty too.

I buy my egg whites in large quantities because I go through them so fast. The quart sized containers at the grocery store just don’t cut if for me so I use Lana’s Egg Whites. She’s local to my area but ships all over the US. I highly recommend her product.

The ingredients I posted below are per cupcake. I make an entire muffin tray at a time. You can always substitute the broccoli for some spinach leaves and shredded carrot, or whatever you fancy. My preference is to eat each meal with one part protein to one part veggie, hence the broccoli. I also just really like broccoli.

Ingredients (per cupcake):
1/2 strip turkey bacon
1/4 cup egg whites
1-2 broccoli florets

Preheat oven to 375. Slice your bacon strips in half width-wise, and then in half again length-wise. You should come up with 4 mini strips of bacon. Line the muffin tin with two mini strips in each cup, so the circumference is completely covered.


Add your egg whites and broccoli and put your tray in the preheated oven on the top rack.


Set your timer for 20 minutes and cook until the edges are just brown.


I eat two of these cupcakes for breakfast with a banana and a BIG cup of coffee. Starting off my day with this meal makes me feel like I can take on anything. So bring it on, world!

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